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Site Modification (Please Read Important Update) 10/11/22

10/11/22 Re-edited update: Hi fam! After careful consideration we've decided to re-add our 'Sold Out' items back to the site. There've been several customer requests to re-source items but it made it hard for you all to see which items you wanted returned because they are no longer displayed in our catalog. So to accommodate everyone the items will be displayed back but at the end of our site listings instead. 

We always try to incorporate feedback from our clients, so if you have any questions or concerns we'd love to hear from you! 

As always we thank you for your valued support and for being a part of our family. 


~ IAmCamsCloset 

9/6/22: Hello Friends! 

We have had several requests from customers asking if it's possible to remove the 'sold out' items from our site to make it easier to get to "the good stuff" 😂 At first we thought that would not detail our inventory as a whole if they're removed but decided to give it a trial period to see how our customers respond. Who are we to argue with getting straight to the nitty gritty lol so... beginning September 6th; after an item is sold it will be removed after the 3 day sell period to help filter our catalog for easier viewing until September 20th. 

If it proves to be successful then we will implement this going forward; else we'll restore our old model back in place. 

As always, thank you for being the best customers and friends! We look forward to many more happy endeavors. ❤️


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